Dog adoption application

We currently do not have any available dogs! We could really use some help in building our dog rescue program. If you or anyone you know might be interested in fostering dogs please contact us at

Thank you for considering adopting from Four Paws to Love!  

(If there is a specific dog you would like to meet or get more information about, please put its name or number from the 

 adoptable dogs photo gallery into the text box that describes your ideal dog.)

Our adoption package includes:

•  Spay/neuter

•  A 24 PetWatch microchip and free registration

•  Age appropriate vaccines 

•  Free vet exam

 • 30 days of free pet insurance through 24 PetWatch

Adoption Process:

Step 1:  Fill out the adoption application and submit it to us.

       Step 2:  We will review your application and get into contact via email to discuss your interest in

adopting from Four Paws to Love.

      Step 3:  We will set up a meeting either at one of our adoption events or a personal visit with one of our

              wonderful foster parents to introduce you to your potential pet.

      Step 4:  Pay all adoption fees and take your pet home!  Adoption papers, microchip registration, medical

              records, and a certificate for a free vet exam will be emailed to you within 5-7 days.

Please read the following:  

We at Four Paws to Love want all of our adoptions to be successful!  We try our very best to match cats and dogs with pet parents that are compatable to make the transition for both be as smooth as possible.  We not only want the animals to be content with their new lives but we also want you, the adopter, to have a good experience and feel that they are welcoming, not just a pet, but a new member of the family.  We like to make our adoptions as painless as possible and have tried to make our adoption process simple.  We also care deeply for the animals that are in our care and want them to go to good, loving homes where they will be taken care of for the remainder of their lives. To aid in this endeavor, we do take steps to make certain that potential adopters have not been referenced in any "do not adopt" lists and check with the local animal shelter that there have not been any incidents of animal abuse, neglect, hoarding, or anything that could indicate that the animals would not be cared for properly.  If you are a renter, we will check with your landlord to see if permission has been given to keep a pet on their premisses and may ask for a copy of your landlord agreement.  Many returned adoptions are due to not having landlord approval and we wish to minimize this as much as possible.  Thank you for your cooporation with us in this regard.  



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